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Surprisingly there has been little interest from other RMs for this approach despite almost ten years of experience & its reported benefits

Learning about the RM of Tache's slope failure repair methods using geotextiles as opposed to traditional stone. Not only are costs significantly reduced but they have a 100% success rate to date @RedRiverBasinCm #RRBC2019 #mbpoli

The Marvin Penner Water Retention project funded by MB Govt & Seine Rat River Conservation District is a demonstration site to show the value of water retention @RedRiverBasinCm #RRBC2019 #mbpoli

Water retention helps you in the dry years & wet years, drainage only helps in the wet years @RedRiverBasinCm #RRBC2019 #mbpoli

Looking forward to seeing you at the public consultation regarding changes to South Perimeter & proposed new access to PR330: Thursday January 17, 2019 Oak Bluff Community Centre from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. #mbpoli

We've had far warmer & cooler than we are experiencing today, the issue is the rapid pace - Paul Douglas #RRBC2019 @RedRiverBasinCm #mbpoli

"Economics & energy security will drive decarbonization not politics" - Paul Douglas #RRBC2019 @RedRiverBasinCm #mbpoli

There have been 15 megarains (6" of rain over 1000 sq miles) since 1858 in Minnesota, half of those occurring since 2002. We are seeing more wet events notes Paul Douglas #RRBC2019 #mbpoli

Paul Douglas, keynote speaker at #RRBC2019 notes we are seeing more storm stalling over last number of years @RRBCManitoba #mbpoli

At #rrbc2017 conference where keynote speaker Paul Douglas notes term "climate change" isn't valid as climate is always changing. Instead suggests climate volatility & weather disruption better descriptor of what we are experiencing #mbpoli

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