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MLA for Morris
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@MyrnaBDriedger Glad you were there to represent, so sorry I couldn't make it

Quick 3 miler with my two running partners to cap off a long day #running #dogslife #unwindinstagram.com/p/BTakWwSg0-9/

@KajHasselriis The glamorous life of an MLA, just missing the salami on the shoulder

The next MLA for Point Douglas & my future colleague conducting her first media interview @MOSKALelectric #mbpoli #congrats

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And with a final strategic block thx to @KajHasselriis , pleased to kinda/sorta see @MOSKALelectric win PC Point Douglas nomination #mbpoli

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"Neighbourhood safety is necessary for a thriving community & I've spent my career working the streets" - @beatcopmla #mbpoli twitter.com/KajHasselriis/…

He's pathological in his fixation to block my view of the candidates, 3 for 3 now, just glad there aren't more! @KajHasselriis #mbpoli

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@stevelambertwpg @KajHasselriis I can't count that high, calculator keeos displaying error message. ~150

It's like @KajHasselriis can't help himself & I don't just mean cargo shorts in +3° weather #mbpoli

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Dear @KajHasselriis you make a better door than a window although you're a pane. Ps nice cargo shorts #mbpoli #pointdouglaspc

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