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@mynameisblar @bwgilchrist @MsBehavior @MattMcLean1919 @time_fades_away Sure it is and I pointed out that issue may be more complex than NDP suggest based on fact NDP in BC and AB had same position as MB and 6 other provinces. Good night

@bwgilchrist @MsBehavior @MattMcLean1919 @time_fades_away You would have to ask the labour ministers in those 9 provinces, I am only making an assumption based on their collective action regardless of political leanings

@bwgilchrist @MsBehavior @MattMcLean1919 @time_fades_away Respectfully, to me the fact that 9 of 10 provincial legislatures have not made any changes to the current 12 months suggests that there is more to issue than amending 2 paragraphs

@bwgilchrist @MsBehavior @MattMcLean1919 @time_fades_away Then u r saying that 9 of 10 provinces including Liberal & NDP govts collectively dropped the ball?

@bwgilchrist @MsBehavior @MattMcLean1919 @time_fades_away Unless I am mistaken parental leave in MB is same as Nfld, NB, NS, PEI, QC, SK, AB & BC (the latter two being "bizarre" NDP govts #mbpoli

Skate with Santa this morning at Sanford Rec Centre #mbpoli

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@LenIsleifson @bdnwheatkings Can't wait for my secret Santa gift aka star wars wheat kings jersey from @reghelwer #shhhh

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