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MLA for Morris
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My grandmother had Alzheimer's and while we may have lost her, she remains forever in our hearts #mbpoli #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth twitter.com/kelvin_goertze…

.@mbndp used to call employment at centres like this as "McJobs" which I always found quite derogatory to those who worked there #mbpoli twitter.com/winnipegsun/st…

@Mayor_Bowman Wait, if Winnie the Pooh is at City Hall with you, then who in name of Christopher Robin am I having coffee with? #mbpoli #winniethepooh #doppleganger

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Approx 8 years ago some 60 world renowned scientists formally wrote to NDP warning them that costly nitrogen removal was unwarranted. Not surprisingly, given their dismal environmental record, the NDP ignored the advice. #mbpoli winnipegfreepress.com/local/scientis… twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st…

@WinnipegNews The best wood fired pizza in Manitoba now available @TheForks , I recommend the Gobbler @theredember @eatlocal #mbpoli

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