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MLA for Morris
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When they go low, you go high. Class act as always Jeanette. twitter.com/ijmontufar/sta…

Sustainability for the NDP simply means throwing more $ at an issue without asking why. It's like turning up the thermostat instead of closing the door twitter.com/RobPankhurst/s…

Congratulations Mandy & Guy on the grand opening of @RuffMuttsMb in @TONiverville . A welcome addition to the community. #shoplocal #mbpoli #Entrepreneurship

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They can't seem to make a bad movie, can't wait for 2019 #everythingchanges #CaptainMarvel twitter.com/MarvelEntCA/st…

The power of social media - @willowplace1 put out a call for coffee mugs so, joined by my colleague @SGuillemardMLA we dropped off about 150 mugs plus some @TimHortons #SmileCookies to support vulnerable families #mbpoli

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And the Lord said "Let there be desserts" and there was desserts #lasallefallsupper

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