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MLA for Morris
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@MBLiberalCaucus throws federal cousins under bus for MB meth crisis - "...there is maybe a direct association between bringing in & legalizing cannibis & this effort by some drug dealers...to shift people onto meth." - MLA for River Heights Oct 22/18 #mbpoli

@MsBehavior How about a law that you need to know how to actually spell 'Canadian' to run for any elected position?

Congratulations Manitoba, for those of us that live here we've always known we are a top ten destination, now the secret is out @lonelyplanet #mbpoli @TravelManitoba #ExploreMB twitter.com/TravelManitoba…

Thank you @mbteachers for hosting us & sharing your perspectives on ensuring a quality public education system continues here in Manitoba #mbpoli #collaboration

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As we move towards enhancing the electrification of transportation we need to ensure that we are not simply shifting one problem for another twitter.com/IISD_news/stat…

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