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@MsBehavior @bkives You buy your cat fresh? I can only find frozen! I'll need the name of your deli 😉

@am_tod I'm sure it will come up at the Premiers' meeting this fall

Interesting that MB NDP demanded compensation for taxis upon intro of vehicle for hire legislation, but in speaking with one of their 'brothers' today, an Alberta NDP MLA, he said they didn't even consider it. I'm sure Wab will send a letter asking them to reconsider #mbpoli

That's a wrap. The International Trade Legislative Conference in Quebec City had concluded. Thank you to our gracious hosts & phenomenal panelists #NAFTA #mbpoli

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"Trade is as old as mankind" - Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico #mbpoli

"The [$102M environment trust] allocation is a truly historic endowment that will release an estimated $5M annually into the local economy to support projects & programs that preserve & enhance natural resources." #mbpoli winnipegfreepress.com/business/agric…

One of the economists at the conference noted the USA is producing more goods than ever using less labour than ever #changingeconomy #mbpoli

How do we position digital trade in the rules based system & is the digital economy treaty ready? - #thingsineverthoughtof #mbpoli #itlc

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