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MLA for Morris
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I still recall when the @ndpcaucus dumped liquid potash into the lake & then boarded the SS Minnow before unfurling the 'mission accomplished' banner. They ignored this invasive species & we now see results #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st…

"But Manitoba Nurses Union president Sandi Mowat said she doesn’t believe there’s a deliberate government policy to keep jobs vacant". Once again the NDPs rush for headlines outweighs the need for accuracy #mbpoli twitter.com/deverynross/st…

Important to recognize the people who answer our 9-1-1 calls. Marking Public Safety Telecommunications Week & thanking the hard-working public safety telecommunications professionals who help keep us #mbpoli

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@NickMartin14 He's at funeral for MLA for Radisson's father

You have to wonder about the sincerity of the @ndpcaucus 's questions lately about animal welfare in Manitoba considering their leader's record #mbpoli #nsfw

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My colleague @LenIsleifson is speaking about our government's construction of a new, long overdue school in @CityBrandon, the first new school in 27 years! #mbpoli

OK, it's officially spring once the food carts open on Broadway #mbpoli

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A warm welcome from @Davidson_Chuck this morning at the #2018LeadersSeries as we prepare to hear from our Premier #mbpoli @mbchambersofcom

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For all their rhetoric & feigned opposition, the @ndpcaucus voted for 2/3 of our legislative agenda tonight #mbpoli

@Julia_Sisler @BrittAtGlobal @NHLJets The good people of Morris would want me to make this sacrifice on their behalf

@BrittAtGlobal @NHLJets Once again in the interests of all Manitobans, I am willing to be your onsite reporter in Nashville. Just let me know where to pick up plane/hotel/game tickets. #GoJetsGo

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