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At Council, @TONiverville complimentary of province's "progressive partnership & cost sharing" on recent initiatives including water line expansion, plans to redevelop main street ing others #mbpoli

@TylerClarkeMB I can't quite make it out, can you repost a pic but move your hands please just so that when I get one I know what I'm looking for

@McCraeToby @ndpcaucus Yes by labelling them as a toxic substance under the Environmental Protection Act gave govt the option to institute an outright ban which takes effect July 2018

@McCraeToby @ndpcaucus We supported the federal government labelling micro beads as a "toxic substance" in 2016 & working with our federal & provincial colleagues as a July 2018 national takes effect

As Opposition we actually put forward a motion calling on Manitoba to ban micro beads. The @ndpcaucus refused to support it arguing it wasn't their problem. Not surprising NDP had one of the worst environmental records of any provincial govt #mbpoli twitter.com/IJCsharedwater…

Great tour of Brewers Distribution Ltd today. 700,000,000 litres leaves the facility every year; average bottle reused 15 times; a 30lb square of crushed cans is called a brick. #mbpoli

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